Centre Name and Number: Exeter College – 54221

Student Name and Number:

Project Proposal Title:

Main Pathway/Medium:

Section One: Rationale

Out of all of these there are only 2 I didn’t enjoy, the intro scene and the corporate video. These projects where next to each other and at a time where I was generally stressed, this coupled with problems on the projects made me not have the best thoughts of them. The other 3 where much better, The drama project really showed me how it is to work with actors compared to using my friend. The media investigation gave me a good grasp of how to improve my research and TV studio showed me what its like working with a bigger group. Over the year I haven’t had any huge inspiration this year for my Fmp, I had a couple of ideas of the year so I just picked one of these. I will be taking in what I’ve learnt from the year into my Fmp.

Section Two: Project Concept

I aim to make a short film based on the dark possibility of future technology. I want to explore the possibility of body modifications thought the use of cybernetics and what would happen when if there were hacked. The story would be based around a man with such cybernetics. He will be using them for something shunned or shameful (such as a crime or things along these lines). This is when his problems start. At this point he will start seeing things, messages telling him to do things. It will build over the course of the film and so will the punishments for not doing. Because of his own crimes he can’t go to the police or some other authority and has to deal with it on his own.

Section Three: Evaluation

I will be getting evaluated at different assessment dates by members of my class, this will insure that the work is there and I will be able to compare it to theirs insuring it is up to standards. I will also make sure I am following my production schedule, keeping to this will insure I have good time management. Lastly I will be keeping a weekly log of the work I am doing so when it comes to the end I will easily be able to look back and make a proper evaluation of the project.

Section Four: Production Schedule/ Action Plan

5th – 9th March: Research your practitioners, competition and target audience.

12th – 16th March: Research concepts, ideas, topics, legal and ethical issue.

19th – 23rd March: Research the technical requirements, costs, budgets, production issues. Finalise the Pitch.

Assessment point 23rd March

26th March – 20th Of April: Pre-production, Screenplay, storyboards, test shots, Foley ect.

Assessment point 20th April

23rd April – 11th May: Filming and Editing

14th May – 19th May: Pick up shots (If needed) and Making sure all work needed is there

Finished film must be shown to class and received feedback

21st – 25th: Final deadline.

Section Five: Research Sources/ Bibliography

(All things underlined are for me so I can pick out the important things at a later date)

Just list notable people with strange body modifications

Talks about a couple of things that are going on now with cybernetics and possible uses for it in the future. I talks about possible implants to lessen the effects of things like depression.

Bio-hacking and future of radical body modification.

BBC news article on body modifications, Gene, cybernetics.

Article on how close man kind is to making real cyborgs.

Videos to watch

Black Mirror Episode, The Entire History of You.

Short Story Structuring



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